Renukoot - Flyash Housing - 25 July 2006

Kanoria Chemicals dedicates its Flyash housing complex in Renukoot

Multiple benefit project signifies effective utilisation of industrial waste
Effective utilisation of Flyash
128 housing units constructed under this project
Contract employees of KCI to benefit
Project started in August 2005
Environment friendly initiative signifies a way to combat pollution
New Delhi, 25 July 2006: Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Limited (KCI) has successfully completed the construction of Flyash Housing Complex project at Renukoot, U.P. In an initiative to benefit the society, the company today dedicated the housing complex to its employees. In a first of its kind project, Flyash has been used to build housing complex that would exclusively cater to contractual workers. This housing complex will not only provide a sanitised housing for the employees and clean environment but also demonstrates utilisation of flyash constructively. The 128 units housing complex will benefit approx 512 persons.

The housing complex has been constructed using flyash bricks & blocks, and Ferro cement doors, window frames & roofing. The approach roads to the housing complex are made with flyash based concrete. While constructing these houses, natural contours are utilised so that there is no imbalance caused to ecology.

According to Mr. R V Kanoria, Chairman & Managing Director, KCI, "I feel happy in dedicating this complex to our employees. The project is another initiative by the company towards its overall focus on sustainable development. I am confident that such activities endear KCI to its employees and society.

He added, "I also feel that such initiatives would motivate other organisations like us to take similar steps that prevent degradation of land. "