Ankleshwar - Waste to Wealth - 05 May 2007

Resounding success of Waste to Wealth programme for sustainable development at Ankleshwar plant of Kanoria Chemicals Achieves the objective of minimum disposal and maximum recycle
Ankleshwar, May 05, 2007: In its quest to achieve sustainable development, Kanoria Chemicals and Industries (KCI) pioneered a highly successful "Waste To Wealth" programme at its Alco Chemicals division in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. Synonymous to its name, the "Waste to Wealth" programme generates clean and sustainable power directly from biogas. The programme also includes recycling of waste water and converting distillery waste into useful bio-compost that is rich in soil nutrients.

The success of the project reflects in the reduction of power supply being drawn from the State Electricity Board. The demand for power supply has plummeted from 3000 KVA to 1000 KVA for its various manufacturing processes. Similarly, demand for raw municipal water has also gone down despite rising production volumes. In the last seven years, water consumption in the distillery has come down from about 17 kilolitres per kilolitre of alcohol produced to less than 8 kilolitres.

In its pursuit to effectively interface between complex manufacturing processes and sustainability, the Alco Chemical division at Ankleshwar is an example of company's best practices. The Alco Chemicals division is an integrated organic chemical complex that has a distillery to manufacture industrial alcohol from molasses, which is then used to manufacture several leading products such as Pentaerythritol, Di-Pentaerythritol, Formaldehyde, Hexamine, Acetaldehyde, etc. For the treatment of distillery effluent, KCI has pioneered the Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology that has been recognised by way of the ICMA­D M Trivedi Award and the TERI Corporate Environmental Award.

Speaking about the Waste to Wealth programme, Mr. T D Bahety, Wholetime Director of KCI said, "Sustainable development is etched in all the operations of KCI and our initiatives go beyond mere statutory requirements. An apt example being- the permissible H2S content prescribed for the power plant suppliers is 1000 ppm, whereas KCI's constant endeavours have brought the levels down to 100 ppm or less. While ensuring that the manufacturing operations are in sync with sustainable profitability, we constantly endeavour to achieve the objective of maximum recycle and minimum possible disposal. Moreover the commercial utilization of the programme has made the Ankleshwar plant not only environment friendly but also economically viable."

The revenues of the Alco Chemicals Division during the fiscal 2006-07 was Rs. 1,532 million comprising about 28% of the company's total revenue. During this period the Division contributed Rs. 85 million (14%) to the company's EBDITA.

About Waste To Wealth

Synonymous to its name, the 'Waste to Wealth' initiative at the Ankleshwar Chemical division has successfully generated an integrated power generation system using biogas. The Waste to Wealth programme is based on unified technology used at KCI's Ankleshwar Chemical Works for gainful utilisation of waste generated from manufacturing processes. This biogas is produced in the process of treating distillery effluents through the latest technology based Anaerobic Digesters. Further, to remove the H2S content from the biogas to prevent corrosion in the engine, KCI selected an advanced and practically proven bio-technological process called the Thiopaq Scrubber Technology. The programme has three further components, namely Waste to Water, Waste to Energy and Waste to Soil Nutrients.